Health Clubs, Athletic Facilities & Equipment

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adobestock bacteria transparent.png

Microbial infections are becoming more and more prevalent in athletes and gym goers. Regardless of the level of play or fitness, there is a greater risk for community acquired infections due to exposure to bacteria and other pathogens in:  

  • infected athletic equipment

  • communal locker rooms & training rooms

  • showers

  • physical contact with infected athletes

  • arenas & stadiums

  • health clubs & gyms

  • gym equipment

Protecting ourselves against these dangerous pathogens has become more difficult as many of these organisms are increasingly resistant to traditional cleaners and disinfectants. In addition, some pathogens can survive on surfaces for weeks or even months.


Disinfection Technologies Group utilizes cutting-edge spray technology to apply our EPA Registered, Hospital Grade Disinfectant to all porous and non-porous surfaces targeting the harmful virus, bacteria, fungi and spores and yet is not harmful to you, your athletes or the environment.

Quickly and effectively, entire indoor areas are safely blanketed with our disinfectant creating a fresher, healthier environment, while killing 99.999% of harmful bacteria, virus, mold and allergens, including Staph, MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, Legionella, Listeria, H1N1, HIV, Athlete’s Foot fungus and more.
An application of our EPA Registered Bio-Static can extend the efficacy for up to 90 days.

·Non-corrosive     Non-Hazardous    No Wipe or Rinse required    NSF Food Surface - No rinse required