Who we are:

We are a professional disinfection company, not a cleaning company, not a carpet cleaning service, and not just a group with a sprayer trying to capitalize on the latest pandemic. We pride ourselves on our ability to educate clients on proper protocols and products to improve any environment. Whether it is an office, school, medical facility, Superyacht, gym, or home our years of experience and expertise allow us to analyze the issues, evaluate data, and develop a customized plan.

We have spent years finding and perfecting the best deployment processes and products to answer the needs of our clients. We have a full host of support infrastructure to include chemists, microbiologists, scientists, and product engineers. Disinfection Technologies Group is a solution-based company and we are committed to providing the best solutions for our customers, for both their immediate issues and their future.

While we have always promoted a proactive approach to our clients, we understand circumstances don’t always allow and we are ready for issues as they arise.

As the current Global Pandemic of COVID-19 unfolds, people are finally recognizing the unseen dangers that exist in our everyday world. This awareness, along with properly educating ourselves on how to protect our families, employees, students, athletes, and customers is the new challenge. DTG is committed to providing the answers and solutions for our clients regardless of their environments.

How we got started:

Our journey began at a private school where a number of student athletes were fighting staph (Staphylococcus) infections. We watched as the school brought in cleaning companies armed with mops, buckets, rags, and spray bottles to try to eradicate the harmful bacteria. As this scene played out again and again, we knew there had to be a better way.

Three years of research and development went into our objective: How to safely eradicate harmful pathogens from environments and provide the best protection for our clients. First, we took time to grasp an understanding of the issues and concerns our clients were facing by educating ourselves. Next, we knew we had to reduce human intervention (less chance of human error) and find or develop products that were not harmful to the environment, pets, or children.


Who we serve:

The foundation of our company is based on providing to each of our clients the best service possible. Our commitment to our customers is one of our greatest strengths and as a result, we have forged strong working relationships with some of the best companies and institutions in the world. Below is a partial listing of some of the amazing clients we are fortunate enough to work with. In addition we have helped thousands of individual families, and independent businesses.